Sunday, April 26, 2020


when men reject the laws of God and His teachings, nations are been ruled by forces of darkness in high places, On March 4th I had a terrible dream, in this dream it was night and I was in in a bush covered with green grasses standing on a concrete floor foundation of a building and suddenly something was moving very fast in the grasses coming towards were I was standing from my left hand side and right and suddenly honey bees bursted out of the bush, so I ran for safety into an uncompleted building, the bees followed me there and suddenly the bees started coming out from the four corners of the room thousands and thousands of them, converging and entering into a hole in the middle of the room. This was what I saw in a dream before this Pandemic came into our Country Nigeria. What I saw in the dream was also revealed to a prophet of God Rev. Fr Mbaka Click on the link and see for yourself: It is clear that this Covid-19 pandemic is from the pit of hell, Demons released by Satan to destroy the human race, this agents of darkness in human form created this virus to destroy the human race and to introduce the world into the One world Government, and the New World Order system of Government, in the History of time, no panic has shunt down world Governments, Systems and Economic like this Covid-19 pandemic, now this pandemic is uniting the whole world to find a lasting solution to this Global problem. With the help of the United Nations a Hero shall step up and find the lasting solution to this Global problem and he will come in peace, he will be the one to unite the whole world for the New world Order, Who do you think he is??? Watch out for part 2.


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